Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Lazy sundays, testing the new camera and a new outfit

Hey guys :)
Today"s just a lazy sunday so I thought I could use the time, take some fotos with my new camera and blog a bit.
As I already told you yesterday I have got a new camera and wanted to do a little shoot today. When I woke up (normally I am not the "early bird so it was almost eleven when I left bed) the weather was really sunny and nice and I thought that is so great, because I can shoot outside but then when I finished dressing up and having breakfast and all that normal stuff, the weather had changed and I culd foorget the plan to shoot outside.
But thanks to my lovely dad (already told you guys that he"s really interested in fotography) I could take some fotos of my outfit today inside all on my own, because he gave me that great tripod, big THANKS again for that gift.

 So here it is my outfit of the day ; )
I wear a Fake Fur jacket with animal print (zebra, really love this jacket, because it is that warm and also very chic in my opinion), a shirt in wine red (so lucky that I found one in my mother"s closet that fits to my beloved ne shoes!!!), black pants in lether look and my new highheels that I have never worn before in wine red. Oh and not to forget the accesoiries. A big black leather shooping bag, my favorite chain at the moment (as you can see on the fact that I often combine it to outfits in the last time) and my favorite sunglasses.
I wear the glitter nail polish from the days before and the silver pearl earrings that I really adore!!!

 Soo what do you guys think of my outfit today ?
I must say it was not planned it just came to my mind when my mother asked me about that shirt. 
But I feel that good in it, because it is 100 percent me and I think it fits perfect to my type and my style, really love it!!!

I would like to read some comments from you guys and what you do think about it. 
Hope you like it at least a lille ;))
Have a nice day and maybe you will read from me later otherwise tomorow I think.
C ya ;) 

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