Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

Thinking about a new camera

Hey guys : )
As I have announced yesterday here it is my first post in english.
Today It has been six in the morning and I still could not sleep until then.
I was lying in bed, whatching peter pan on tv (that is another positive thing about Christmas time: many old and popular movies on tv) and thinking about a new camera.
As I told you guys I do really need one, because mine is old and  does not take good pictures.
First I wanted to have a SPL but then after searching for one on the internet I realized that that's maybe not the best but definitely the most expensive choice.
So I looked for cheaper alternatives with the condition that it has to be a camera which takes really good pictures.
After I while I found the Nikon L820 a very good camera with 16 mp and 30 x zoom.
That sounds good and the comments and Evaluations on the camera were very good, too.
Tomorow I will go to the electronic shop in town and have a look at the camera for 'real' and maybe buy it.
Of course I will try out soon if the quality of the pictures is better than with my older camera.
I am really looking forward to present you fotos in a better quality especially more detailed and beautiful pictures of my outfits (in myself wearing them ).

Today is a very lazy day and I am only at home and thinking about my blog and how i can improve it and develop it. I am kind of overdressend for a lazy day at home but as always i could not consist to dress myself up and wear some beautiful clothes.
Of course I wear again that great fake fur jacket in black (that I nearly wore everyday since I got it on last Saturday). I combined a black blouse with a lether looking ... and a short skirt with stripes in black and white to my beloved jacket. Í finish the outfit with a dark grey Statement-chain and silver pearl earrings. 
And I wear glitter nails. 

Nail polish by essence 165 'Here's my number'  from the new collection with special effects (must say I really like it because the colour is great and it is very long lasting in my opinion.

You already now the the jacket which is from H&M exactly like the blouse and the Statement -chain and the short skirt with white and black stripes is from 'SisterSPoint', must say I really can not remember where I bought it.

Hopefully this is my last post with fotos taken in that bad quality i am really sorry guys : ( 
Tomorow I am going to look for a new camera and wish my luck that I will find one soon.

I hope you still like my outfit even the visual is like that and I would love the get some comments.

Have a good night and c ya ; ) 

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