Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

Blue Dream

Hey guys : )
Yesterday I thought that I have already shown you lots of styles, but I haven"t make a post about my favorite colour blue, yet. Therefore I had the idea that it would be a nice idea to show you some outfits with on of my favorite colours!!!
Maybe, I am not sure, I already told you that one of my on/off favorite colours in fashion is blue.
On the one hand it is really a nice and beautiful colour and there are so many great shades of blue and on the other hand it fits perfect to me!
So here you see what I wore today and I also gave you another possibility to combine this gorgeous kings blue pullover, by the way I found this lovely one on a second hand market and was so happy about this buy!

The first look with this amazing pullover (can"t say enough how much I love that beautiful colour!!!) is very casual and a good dialy look if you haven"t that much time to dress you up and find a look, moreover it is warm which is useful for the cold winter weather!
I combine it with a black leggings, because the pullover is kind of oversized and I like to combine a small leggings to tops with that cut!
A statement chain complete the look and "push up" the pullover.
Have a look. ; )

I wear the kings blue pullover (2nd hand) and black leggings (Only).
My black ancle boots and the dark statement chain make the look complete.

On the second picture you can see how I wore the outfit on the outside, a combine a white coat and a blacl shopper to it. I really like to mix those three colours, the blue, the black and the fit look super chic together.

I add a white coat (Vila) and a black big bag (Pieces) to that look.

The other look with that pullover is more chic, but still very casual.
I combine a short skirt with black and white stripes to the blue pullover and black wedges.
I like this look, 'cause it's a good 'dialy look', but also kind of elegant with the skirt.
All in all it's a cool look and I love wearing it, makes me feel so good!

In this case I combine a black and white skirt (old) and black wedges (old) to the blue pullover and the chain.

The last two looks show how I combine a kings blue skirt.

The first one is very casual and makes you feel like it' s already spring time with the light and short pullover.
I love the stripes and the mix of the colours!

I wear a blue skirt (VeroModa), a dark grey blouse (HundM) and a striped pullover (Only).
A dark chain and heels (pieces) complete the look and of course not to forget the beloved bag.

The second look is more glamorous with the glitter pullover and the black blouse.
A love the combination with the skirt, 'cause it stresses the colour of the skirt and I ove it!

In this case I combine a black glitter pullover (VeroModa) and a black blouse (HundM) to the skirt.
A silver statement chain and the black ancle boots complete the look.

What do you think of it and which ones to you prefer ? ; )

So guys that's all from me now, hope you look the post and I am so excited to read what ypu think about it, please comment and tellvme your opinion, I am so happy about every one!

Have a good day and start in the weekend.

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Leather and (Fake) Fur

Hey guys : )
So sorry that I do not have that much time for a long post today, but I wanted to show you at least my two last outfits. Especially the one from yesterday is really great in my opinion and I had to share!!!
As I told you before I have some troubles with my camera and that made it kind of difficult to take photos, but I tried and wanted you to have a short look and that you can tell me what you do think about it.
The second outfit from today is more casual and fits to the cold weather that we have right now.

Some words to the first look from the day before. I love the combination of the colours petrol and black and I love to mix the leather blazer with the chic blouse and the patternd skirt.
I love to dress up myself "tone in tone" and I love to have only two or three outfits in one outfit and find the colours again in other pieces in my look, like the bag in this case.
Moreover this look is sooo me, chic with a touch of cool (the colours and the leather jacket).
And the skirt and the blouser give the look the feminine and kind of sexy touch!

So please have a look at it and tell me what you think.

I wear a petrol blouse (HundM), a petrol and black patternd blouse (HundM) and a leather looking black jacket (HundM).
A dark grey statement chain (HundM), a petrol bag (gift) and black ancle boots make the look complete.

The second outfit is more casual and practical, as I have already told you. It makes me feel comfortable and warm, but is still stylish and cute with the fake fur vestcoat and the pattern leggings. 
The black oversized blouse with the leather looking collar gives the look the cool touch. 
I combine heels to it to give my look a sexy touch. 
All in all I would describe this outfit as a normal winter dialy look which is kind of romantic (with the leggings) and cool and stylish (with the fake fur vest and the blouse)!

Have a look please and tell me what you think!?

I wear a beige fake fur vestcoat (HundM, old), a flower patternd leggings (VeroModa) and a black blouse with leather looking collar (HundM).
Nude heels (Tamaris), my dark chain (HundM) and my nude and black bag (Mango) complete my outfit.

So guys please do not forget to comment and write me what you think, I am so excited about your opinion. 
And thank you again so much for all your lovely comments makes me feel sooo happy and good!!!
Not to forget that I would really like to now what you prefer as a dialy look, the first more chic or the second more casual (and "winter") one ?
I am really interested in your opnions so please tell me!

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

I love pattern..

Hey guys : )
Today is sunday, the sun shines and after having an amazing breakfast (I feel like I can"t even move my body, my stomach is that full with all the delicious food, maybe it"s a good idea to write a post about food later, please tell me what you guys think about that idea?), I thought it would be a great idea to write a post.
This post do not have a special theme, I only want to show you guys my two outfits from the weekend.

This weekend I was in the mood to wear something chic and kind of romantic and you can see this on the two looks, I think.
The bad news is that I do have some troubles with my new camera therefore the second outfit is not shot in that good quality!
But anyway I wanted to share them with you, "cause they show another site of me and my style and I wanted to know what you guys think about it!

The first look is very cute and romantic with the grey skirt with the ... and the lovely flower patternd sweater.
I love the colours, and even if they are more "spring colours", I love them in the winter, too, "cause they bring some brightness to the dark winter and they fit perfect for a sunny sunday in my opinion.
Moreover they light up your personal mood (at least for me it works ; )).

I wear a flower patternd apricot sweater shirt (VeroMOda), a grey blouse (HundM) and a grey visocose skirt (Only). 
Black ancle boots and my dark statement chain complete the outfit!

That"s how I wore this outfit on the outsite.

I add a grey jacke (HundM), a fake fur scarf (mum) and my light grey bag to the look!

The second look is more glamorous with the glitter skirt and I would also wear it to a party when I change the pullover with a nice blazer or jacket over the blouse, very useful if you do not have much time to change clothes for party in the evening.

(As I have told you before, I have some troubles with my camera, therefore I could not show the "right" foto, this one shows the look with a black skirt, I will show you a picture of the other skirt I wore the last day soon, promise, moreover the quality is not that good, "cause it"s taken with my phone and I did not have a photographer! ; (  )

I wear a dusky pink glitter skirt with seqiuns (HundM, older), the dark grey blouse (HundM) and a pink oversized pullover (VeroModa).
A pink pearl chain (gift), black ancle boots and a grey fake fur scarf (gift) make my oufit complete.

So guys I hope you liked my looks and they could inspire you a little bit.
Please tell me what you do think about it and which style you like best for me, the "cool and chic one or this more romantic one? 
Wish you a nice last day of the weekend, enjoy it and thank you again for all your comments, views and "folllows"!

C "ya.. ; )

Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

Lovin skirts..

Hey guys : )
Today is friday and the weekend is coming and therefore I thought it would be a nice idea to give you guys some insperation for party looks (maybe you already have some plans for the weekend and are looking and thinking desperately what to wear! ; )).

For my a good party outfits contains at least three things.
It has to be kind of glamorous (for example with glitter, or other things like that) therefore you can see the diffrence bteween a dialy look and a paty outfit. For those who have a similiar style to mine (mostly chic and kind of elegant) it is sometimes hard to raise your dialy look, therefore people with that style who are already very chic can exaggerate a liitle bit in my opinion and can wear special and eye-catching looks very good, makes it more interesting.
So before I describe and write more, please have a look at the three diffenerent looks that I would wear for a party night! ; )

The first outfit is very chic and feminine and I love it, because it is that nice to wear and makes you feel soo good. And a love the combi of a royal blue and black. MOreover the transperance of the dress and the leather looking jacket are two of my favorite trends this year.

I wear a royal blue skaterdress (HundM) and a black leather looking jacket (HundM).
My black ancle boots and my dark statement chain complete this look.

The second look is more elegant and chic and a touch of sexy. Love this combination so much. Moreover I love the mix of the three colours red, black and grey, "cause they are great together in my opinion. 
And red makes every look "ready for the party, I think. ; )

 I wear a red blazer (HundM), a black skirt (HundM) and a grey flower patternd blouse (HundM).
Black heels (Tamaris) and the dark grey statement chain make the look complete.

The last outfit is maybe the most glamouros with the fake fur jacket and the black short dress and I really do love the red shoes with that zebra patternd jakcet, like it!

I wear a black dress (Only) and a fake fur jacket (HundM) and red heels (older) and a red bracelet with the dark chain make the look perfect ; )

So guys that"s all from me today. Please tell me what you think about the looks and again a big thank you for all the lovely comments in the last post!
Have a good night!
C "Ya.

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

How to combine a black leggings...

Hey guys : )
So the last two days there was no time for a post, but as you know it from the other post, I will post a longer one today. ; )
As you can read in the header this post will be another "How to combine..." post, because I realized that I has worn a black leggings the last two days.
Therefore I came to the conclusion to combine the presentation of my last outfits and the a post of what to wear with a black leggings.

This time I want to show you the pictures first, before I tell you somethiong about the looks and describe what I wear in more details.
The first and the second picture show my outfits from yesterday (/tuesday) and monday this week.
So here come the pictures ; ) :

The first outfit is really chic and modern in my opinion and I really do love to combine this three colours.
At the moment it is very cold outside therefore I combined a glitter pullover to the blouse and the leggings.
And Iove the red shoes, the are so eye-catching, I think.

 I combine to the black leggings a white blouse with glitter collar (Only) and a balck glitter pulllover (VeroMOda).
Red heels (old) and a red ring (gift) make the look complete.

The second look is also chic and modern and I love a fake fur jacket in combination with a leggings.
The top is very new and it was the first time I have worn it and I like the silver glitter on it whitch fits perfect to the light grey jacket. Moreover it makes you feel comfortable and warm on those cold days.

I combined my grey fake fur jacket and an apricot/rose top (VILa) to the black leggings in this case.
Black ancle boots and a silver statement chain make the look complete.

So tell me what do you guys think which look is your favorite and how do you combine a black leggings ?
Looking forward to your comments and opinions and also your critics ; )
By the way not to forget to mention it, the black leggings is old and from VeroMOda. ; )
But it is only an exampla, " cause I think almost every woman has a black leggings in her closet! ; ))

Last but not least, I wanna show you the outfit that I wear today.
As I have already mentioned before, it is so cold and I really do love the combination of blouses under pulloversin the winter. So here is another example of it. 

I really love the colour of the pullover and I think it fits perfect to a light grey like the pants have it!

I wear a pinky pullover (CandA),  grey leather looking pants (HundM) and the white blouse from the first picture. 
Grey and black heels (pieces), my beloved light grey bag and a silver statement chain complete the outfit.

So hope you guys got some insperation from these pictures and this post and I am so happy about every comment on it, love reading it!
And thank you for reading this post and so many comments on the last posts, makes me so lucky!!!

Have a nice day and c "ya soon guys, promise. : )

Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Beauty Sunday ; )

Hey guys : )
I wish you a good morning and hope you night a good night and a good weekend!
I am so sorry that I did not managed to write a post yesterday, I have even started to prepare one, but I did not have the time to take pictures and to finish it, so sorry, but this one will be a better post!

Today I wanna start with the "outfit of the Yesterday" ("cause you haven"t seen it yet. ; )).

So first my outfit. Yesterday was saturday, as you know and I like to wear more special and "chic looks on the weekend, "cause it is much more easier if you did not have to go to work or something else that you have to do on the week.
I do really love the outfit and it makes me feel sooo good when I wear it the last day, because I think it is the perfect combination of chic, sexy and also kind of glamorous. Moreover it reminds me of christmas and I really like to remember one f my favorite periods in year!
But before I go on  describing I will show it to you.

 I wear a golden and glitter skirt (VeroMOda), black blouse with a leather looking collar (HundM) and my black fake fur short jaclet (H&M).
A golden chain, ring and earrings make my look complete.

So what do you guys think of my outfit from the last day ?
What I especially do really love about it is that I do not have to change in the evening to go out, because it" glamorous and chic "enough in my opinion. 
Some people could say it is kind of overdressed for a dialy look, but I like to dress myself up and looove wearing chic and kind of glamorous and sexy clothes, because it makes me feel good and is kind of an impression of my feelings and mood at that time!

The second look I wanna show you is the outfit which I wear today. 
It is also kind of chic, but mostly it makes me feel comfortable and good, "cause it fits perfect for a calm and easy sunday. Moreover it is warm (perfect with the very cold weather outside) and it"s still very stylish!

The first "option of this look is more chic and maybe also a suggestion for an dinner outfit or when you go out having some drinks with friends.
I love the combination of the colours cream and khaki and I love the shoes in this mix!

 I wear a cream blouse (you already now ot from the post "how do combine..., VeroModa), a patternd khaki and cream skirt (I like the cut of the skirt!, Vila) and a khaki top (under the blouse, because it"s really transperant., HundM).
A silver chain and my beloved grey/khaki/black heels (unfornately the foto does not show their full beauty; ), Pieces) make the outfit complete.

The second idea is more simple and warm and make you comfortable, for me a perfect outfit for a sunday when you are at home and maybe go out for having lunch or a coffee in the afternoon, because it"s chic, but also easy.

I wear the same things as in the picture before, but added a warm khaki cardigan (HundM) and changed the shoes to nice wedges (old).

So that"s all from me today and I hope you guys have a nice sunday or the rest of it and I would really like to read your opinions. I am happy about every comment and thanks again for all the comments before. I really love the read every comment!!!
C ya soon (probably and hopefully (!!!) very soon ; )).

Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

Hello weekend ; ))

Hey guys : )
Today is friday the last day of the week or as I would say, "cause it sounds much better, the first day of the weekend!
I have two outfits for you today and maybe later I will have the time to make the promised shooting therefore you will ge some better fotos!!!
The weather is so nice and sunny and the beginning of the weekend couldn"t be better.
The first outfit I want to present is my "Outfit of the day".
Even the sun is shinning today, it is very cold.
Therefore I thougt it would be a nice day for a warm and comfortable, but also kind of chic, winter look.
So here it comes, please have alook and tell me your opinion. ; )

I wear with light grey roses patternd black leggings (H&M), a white transparent blouse with a glitter collar (Only) and a grey pullover (Vero MOda).
A silver chain (VeroMOda), my beloved grey bag and my favorite black shoes (I wear them almost every day "cause they are sooo amazing, as you can see at my looks, in my opinion!!!) complete my outfit.

I really do love this look, because it"s comfortable and also chic and I do really like the combination of leggings and pullovers with a blouse under it in the winter (I think that I already mentioned that before.).
What do you think of the look ?
Now I want to go a step beyond and show you how I turn this outfit into a "party look to go out.
These are two optinions.

The first outfit is something that I would only wear for going on a party, because it is eye-catching and too sexy for the day in my opinion with the shorts, the blouse and the socks, but for partying I do really like it, because it"s stylish and modern.

 I wear a grey fake fur jacket (H&M), a light blue destroyed shorts (H&M) and the white blouse (see below). Grey and black heels (Pieces) and the silver chain make my look complete.

The second outfit is more for having a drink (or two ; ) in a bar with some friends. 
I really love the leather looking jacket with the fake fur a lot.
This look is cool, but also chic and kind of cute with the patternd leggings!

I wear the leggings and the shirt from the first outfit and a black leather looking jacket with fake fur applicaations (VeroMOda) and the heels and the silver chain from the second foto below!

So I wish you a good evening guys, have much fun, no matter if you stay at home and chill on your sofa or go out, enjoy the night and do whatever you feel like to do (of course not the forbidden forbideen things ; ).

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Grey"s Style

Hey guys : )
As I have already written, it"s me again.
I want to show you my outfit of the day!
Today was a very cold and rainy day (unfortunately) and I was in the mood to fit into the weather and to creat a look with my favorite (fashion) colours, white, black and especially grey.
 I love the grey patternd blouse, it is new and it is the first time that I wear it, because of the cool but also chic style (the pattern is lovely and cute and a blouse is always kind f chic, but the colours make the blouse kind of cool and I like that mix!).
But I always write to much before, I am sorry, I will present you the look first.
Therefore here it comes:


I wear a white and grey patterned blouse (HundM), my leather looking pants (VeroMOda) and a white jacket (CandA).
My favorite assesoires at the moment the black ancle boots, my awesome grey bag and my beloved dark grey statement chain.

I really do love this look and feel so good in it, because it is 100 percent me. 
The colours, the mix of the cool (pants), chic (jacket) and kind of sexy pieces(blouse) makes it perfect for me!
So please tell me guys what do you think of this look ?

Wish you a nice evening and good night and I am sure that you will read something from me the next day!

So feel free to suscribe, I am happy about every single comment and I will also answer to each one!
And thanks a lot again for all the interests, readers and suscribers, you make me so happy guys!!!

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

How to combine a cream blouse..

Hey guys : )
Here I am again this day and I thought it would be nice to start a series "How to combine..", where I give some inspiration how to combine one special piece that almost everyone has (a similiar one) in her closet!

The idea came this morning when I stood in front of the closet and did not know what to wear.
Normally I start every look with one piece that I want to wear and pick other pieces that fit to the it.
I did it just that way this morning with a blouse in cream a very light one and suddenly I had lots of  "solutions what I could combine with it.
Out of this I had the idea to create a special post once a week, where I write about this, present one piece that almost everyone has and give suggestions how to mix it and create a look.
I think something like this is very helpful, because I am the kind of person who does not really like to wear exactly the same look again. But you can not buy new clothes everyday therefore you need to mix them up and create new looks with the things that you have!

I hope it"s kind of an insperation for you and maybe gives you some nice idea how to create new outfits with the pieces that you already have in your closet and to get to now how to combine them.
Moreover you can maybe benefit from the tips if you need new ideas to combine a "trend" piece, a basic, or a classic one!
I will try that every piece that I choose to present is something that nearly everyone has in her closet!

So as I"ve already told you, today I have chosen the "cream blouse".
I am a big fan of blouses, because they look chic and you can combine them with almost everything it looks always good!

PIECE OF THE WEEK TO COMBINE: Cream blouse which is transparent and has black and silver elements on the shoulders (Vero Moda)

The first outfit is very cool with the black leather looking pants and the camel leather westcoat (which I 'refound' in my mother's closet and which is not easy to combine because of the special look).
The blouse is romantic and kind of sexy because of the transperancy and gives the outfit the feminin touch!

I combine with the cream blouse my black looking leather pants (VeroModa) and the camel leather westcoat (my mother's closet ; ) ). Camel shoes (old), my black 'big bag and my dark grey chain complete the look.

The second look is easy and comfortable with the blue jeans and the light fake fur westcoat.
Again the blouse brings the sexy and kind of romantic touch to the chic and easy look.

In this case I mix the blouse with a the westcoast (HundM) and the simple blue jeans (Only).
Nude pumps (Tamaris), a dark blue hand bag (H&M) and a pearl chain (gift from my grandma) make the look  complete.

The last and third outfit is very sexy and elegant and it's 100 percent me!
On the day I would wear a top under my blouse, but for the night I really like that transparency which is also a trend this year (I mentioned that before!) 

I wear 'Marlene pants (my mother's closet again),, black uncle boots and a dark grey chain and a black 

So guys hope you liked my idea and my outfitd and I hope that they can inspire you. 

Have a nice day guys and maybe when I have the time I will post my outfit of the day later! 

Lovin pants : ))

Hey guys : )
Tomorow there has been no post, "cause I was on the way the whole day and there was no time.
I am so sorry, but I will write a long post today to balance it! ;))

First I wanna show you my outfit from yesterday.
I really love it, because it is very stylish and chic, but also warm and makes me feel comfortable for the cold!
The colourful patternd leggings is my personal highlight of the look and I love the combination with the white blouse with the glitter collar and the fake fur grey jacket!
But before I go on describing please you a look for yourself on the look from yesterday:

I wear bright pattern leggings (Vero Moda), grey fake fur jacket (H&M) and a white and transparent blouse with  glitter collar (Only).
My dark ancle boots, my beloved favorite light grey bag at the moment (I think you have already nticed that I try to combine it to as much looks as I can in the last time) and a silver statement chain.

What do you think of this outfit?
I would love to read your comments and read what you like and maybe would change on this look!
So please suscribe ; ))

The next thing is my outfit of the day but in fact there are two outfits today, because one for the day which is warm and chic and another for the evening which is cool and kind of glamorous.
But I will show you the two fotos first therefore you can understand what I am talking about.

The first dialy outfit which is warm but also stylish. 
I really love the cardigan in combination with the leather looking trousers and the mix of the three colours cream, camel and black!

I wear black leather looking pants (Vero Moda), cream blouse (HundM), camel cardigan (Vero Moda).
I combine my dark grey statement chain, an black old small bag and a camel boots (also old).

The second look is for the evening, but only to go drink something with friends, for a party it would not be glamorous and special eneough for me!
Moreover I would also wea this look as a normal daily look, but I think it is kind of glamorous and chic to wear it for an evening at the bar!

I wear light grey leo pants (Vero Moda), a black transperant top with a light grey pattern in the middle of it (HundM) and leather looking small jacket (HundM).
Black Heels (Tamaris), my lovely light grey bag and my favorite dark grey chain complete the outfit!

So please tell me guys what you think of the looks. 
I"m looking forward to read your opinions and comments and I am happy about every single one!!!
Have a nice day and thank you a lot for reading and maybe even suscribing!!! : )
C "ya soon ; ))

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Pinky chic ; )

Hey guys : )
So I"m a hard-working bee today ; )
I wanted to write another post "cause I changed my Outfit, because of the cold outside.
This outfit is warm and makes me feel comfortable but it is also chic and trendy, because of the accesoires and the latex leggings.

Before I go on describing it, I should maybe show you a foto!

I wear  latex leggings (Only), a kind of pink coloured pullover (C&A), a dark grey short blouse (HundM) and I complete the look with the black heels from the outfit before and also many others in the last time, the dark grey chain and my lovely grey bag by pieces.

So hope you like the outfit as much as I day, I feel so good, "cause it"s warm AND stylish!
I am interested in your opnions so please comment and write me what you think. ; )

Brightness to the (winter-) darkness

Hey guys : )
Today I woke up, looked out of the window, looked to my closet and thought about what to wear.
When I saw the winter darkness outside, I thought why don"t you wear some a colourful outfit today that brings some brightness to the winter darkness.
So I opened my closet and the first thing that came to my mind was my new lovely pencil skirt with a great pattern.
It"s really something special in my opinion and I do lve it!!!
So here"s the picture to take a look at it.

I wear a patterned pencil skir (HundM), a fake fur jacker (HundM), a top in apricot (HundM) and I complete the look with my ancle boots, my silver statement chain and my new light grey bag.

So what do you think about the look and what do you wear to bring some lightness to the dark and cold winter time ? ; ))

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

SUNday :))

Hey guys : )
So sorry that I haven"t written the promised longer post yestersay, but now I have some more time : )
Its"s a really sunny sunday and the perfect weather for a shooting, maybe later I"ll find a photographer berore the sun is gone!
But first of all I wanna show you my outfit of the day!
As I think I have mentioned before on sundays I prefer the more comfortable outfits and I loooove leggins in combination with a warm pullover and a blouse this winter.
This look is one with that combination but insteat of a pullover I mixed a westcoat with a leggins with some flower pattern on it and a new blouse that I really love (think you will see why when you lok at the foto! ; ) )
I do also have two of the trends this years in the outfit, but that is more luck than an aim.
The patternd leggins, patterns are one trend this year - and the transparent arms of the blouse "cause transparency is another big trend in 2014!

So please have a look at my outfit today and tell what you think about it.
Hope yu look it and it inspires you I lttle bit.
For me it"s perfect for lazy and a little cold winter sundays ; ) :

I wear a jeansblouse with transparent sleeves (HundM), black westcoat (AJC, Otto) and the the flower patternd leggins (Only).
My dark statement chain (H&M), my favorite black ancle boots (Paul Green) and my cream bag from Mango make the look complete!

Must say that the more I look at the look the more I like it. 
At first it should be only a "sunday-feel-comfortable-look" and I also did not wanted to show you, "cause I thought it would be boring, but than what happens often when I try to only create an easy "home look" , I change some things or add somme pieces and suddenly I have an outfit which I like and would wear on the street.
Of course it is not 100 percent my style, but I like to experience with other styles, new colours, forms and cuts and I am only nineteen so now is the time where I can wear almost everything and I wanna practice this fact and do not want to definete my style finally!!!

So hope you guys have a very nice sunday and enjoy (for those who live somewhere where the sun is also shining) the weather and spend some time with your beloved ones! :))
C Ya soon ; ))

Samstag, 4. Januar 2014


Hey guys :  )
At the moment I do not have that much time again and soooo sorry for this again, but I really wanted to share my outfit of the day with you quickly!
I really do love it, because it combines two trends of the new year, yellow and leather (-applications, only leather looking) and it is sooo me!!!

So here it is please have a look and tell me what you think about it ; ))

Just for you that you can have a quick first look on it!!!

I wear a yellow skirt (Only), a dark blouse with leather- looking application (H&M), a leather looking blazer/jacket and my accesoires are a grey/dark statement chain (HundM) and black heels (Paul Green).

So that is all for the moment, hope you like it anyway and I promise to write a longer post later..
C ya ; ))

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Talking about trends, outfit of the day and some thankful words to you ; )

Hey guys : ))

So as I promised you yesterday, I have two things I want to talk about with you today.

The first thing is my outfit today.
 Maybe you will be a bit surprised, "cause it"s again not that typical for me, but I really love the colours and I think it"s perfect for a rainy, cold winter day!
But let me first show you the picture and build your own opinion please. ; ))

I wear a light long blouse (Vero Moda), a fake fur waistcoat (H&M) and a rubiginose jeans (Vero Moda, New ; ) ).
Nude pumps (Tamaris, old), a grey statement chain (H&M) and my nude bag with black leather accents (Mango) complete the look.
What do you guys thing about it ? 

As you have already announced yesterday, I also wanna write about the trends in 2014 in the following blogs (always when I find something special about one trend that has awakend my interest).
So today the second part of the blog is about the "new" trend "yellow".

I really like that colour is you know if you have read my blog the day before, but I think only some types can wear that colour and you can only mix it with some colours in my opinion.
 For example two years ago "yellow" has already been a trend in the winter, combined with the colours green blue and red, especially the two last ones.
This year I probably would not mix it with these colours, because I think it looks more modern to combine it with black, cream, white and grey and maybe (but not for me) with a dark wine red. 
Brown could be another option, but I must admit that I do not wear that much brown clothes and also do not have that much. 

This is an example of my understanding of the trend "yellow" this winter, but that was only a quick "snap"!
I would add jewellery and a bag to this look and of course high heels or ancle boots. 
Or maybe I would combine my yellow scraf to it, because it is warmer in the winter than jewellery and sometimes you need to think practical, because feeling cold is really horrible (at least for me, one of the little things a really do HATE)!!!

So what do you think about this trend, my outfit and how would you implement the trend into your personal style???

So guys that"s all for the moment, maybe I can post something again later, but for now I have to finish, I am sorry!
BUT before I forget I wanted to thánk you for your interest in my blog. 
I am very lucky about every single comment and view on my post or following on bloglovin, I am happy about everything of all those things. 
I jsut started this blog a few days ago and I have to do a lot of work to immprove the blog and it is very good to get some positive feedback even if it is all just in the beginning.
So big thank you to you all and I try to follow all your blogs, too and that is the biggest insperation that you can get, you do all have such amazing and beautiful blogs. 
Promised that I will work on mine and when I have the time and do know more about the induvidial designs and all the other things I will improve it and develop it big big promise!!!

So I wish you all a good afternoon and rest of day and maybe we"ll read again later ; ))
And thank you again for your interest I am so happy about that!

My wardrobe

Hey guys : )
First I am so sorry!!! I promised you a long post today, " cause I did not have that much time the last days and now it is again after eleven o"clock and I could not write earlier, I am really sorry.
Of course I also did not have any time for a shoot today (moreover my dear friend who wanted to shoot me is on vacation for the next days and it rains till midday :( ) therefore I write you a post about one thing I did today, because it has something to do with fashion und my clothes, exactly with my wardrobe.
When I woke up in the morning today I thought that first thing I had to do, was to go on tidying up my room, especially my wardrobe. I"ve been on it for days now always when I am out home, because you can"t turn around in my room, it"s that full off clothes! Therefore I went on deciding on what I want to keep in my closet and what should leave me and probably should be sold, because I do not wear it any longer (of course I do not sell everything I also give clothes to my friends, because they always want to be asked first and I donate my of my things, because I have a bad feeling if I sell everything and do"nt do "something good" and think about people who really need help!
To get back to the story I stood in front of my wardrobe and thought exactly about that question (for those you have not pay good attention or should not follow my thoughts, the question was which clothes I should keep and which ones should leave ?!? ).
And you must know that it"s soooo difficult for my to banish clothes out of my wardrobe.
But sorry I kind of lost track what I actually want to tell you with this story, is that when I stood in front of the wardrobe and looked at my clothes and found more and more pieces that I had already forgotten, it was like a little summary of my "fashion year but also of the other parts of my life, too, because always when I saw a blouse or a jeans or whatever I remembered when I had worn it and what happend on that day and all the things around like my mood it that time, etc.
That was really exciting and everything in this year came back to my mind for a short time.
Like many of you already did I thoungt about posting a summary about my last year, but one of my New Year"s resolutions is that I do not want to think about the past anymore but rather focus on the future and especially at the moment.
A new year is always a new chance and I am lucky to get one.
I really wanna spend time with the people I love, do the things I like and have many of those "special mnoments" where you forfet everything, just live and feel sooo happy and sooo alive!!!
Yeah, that is definitely one of my biggest und most important resolutions to enjoy" the moment"...
This attitude is also reflected in my "new wardrobe.
Normally I keep almost everything, but today I separated lots of pieces and when I looked into my all tidied up closet later I was really happy and not sad about the "loss".
That was I good feeling and I thought maybe sometimes life is like a wardrobe.
Please, do not get this wron,g I do not want to compare people with clothes!!!
 But sometimes your life feels like a "mess" and you should just go ahead and tidy up a little bit ; )
That means that you retain more time for people that you wanna spend time with annd things that you really love to do, even if it seems like that you have no time fot that at the moment.
Sometimes you just need to put some negative things behind and focus on what is good for you and makes you happy.
Of course, I know there are many responsibilities in life and you should not stop to follow your dreams and focus on your goals and try to reach them but do not forget sometimes to just "tidy up" and take some time for you and your important things and just live!

Now that I wrote a lot about life, the new year and the future in general, I should at least tell you at the end of the post what I wore today. ;)

I had so much to do today that I even forgot to take a picture of the outfit (and now one part of it is in the washing mashine :D) but I will at least describe you what a wore and show you a little pic which show a similar outfit (big big promise that by next week you will see new fotos!!!).

So descirbing  my outfit today. Yesterday I bought a light grey fake fur jacket that I looked for a very long time and of course it had to be a part of my look the folllowing day.. ; )
I combined the jacket with a light blue shorts, a grey t-shirt with a motive on it, black overknee boots, a silver statement chain and pearl earrings, my new grey bag and outside a black scarf and hand gloves extra.

 Here"s a pic of an outfit that is similar to the one that I wore today (the t-shirt and the shorts are the same)

So promise tomorow you will also get a foto of this look or at least fotos of the single pieces of it!
If you think about this look that I described before what is your comment ?
Would really like to read your onion/s.

At the end of this post I wanna give you a short sneak peek what my next post will be about (apart from the fotos, my new outfits/clothes, my wardrobe and my outfit today ;)).
I am sure all of you have already heard and read about the upcoming fashion trends in 2014.
Maybe you have already thought and talked about it with friends, too like I have.
I want to list some here that i wanna write about in the next post therefore you can maybe write me your opion about them before I post mine.

The first trend I wanna write about is the colour yellow.
I do like it and because of the fact that I have brown hair and normally do not have a real "light" skin, I have a few pieces in yellow and I am looking forward to combine them with new other pieces and buy new clothes in that colour, especially in the summer I love it for me.

The other two trends I wanna focus on are silver shoes and lucency.
But more about them and the first one tomorow.
I am sorry but I am that tired!!!

So have a good night guys and look forward to my following posts you can really look forward to!!!
Sleep tight and have a nice (rest of the) evening. :)

Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2014

Happy New Year

Hey guys :)
Hope that you all had a very nice evening and a good start into 2014!!!
For me it was a good night and I had fun!
I just wanted to write some words to you, because I have not that much time (you all should spend some time with the people you like and maybe you do not see that often in the holidays in my opinion, only as an idea for you ; )) and want to show you me outfit which I wear today.

I wear a light jeans with animal print, a white blazer, a top in apricot with silver glitter stripes. A silver chain, nude pumps and not to forget the light grey bag complete the look.
This outfit is a bit different than my other outfits as you can see, but I like the combination of the soft colours, They light up the winter.
Outside I wear my new coat to this outfit.

I am so sorry that this is again a very short post, I have not that much time today, but at least I wanted to show you my look of the day.
Hope you like it and I would like to read your comments where you tell me your opion or whatever you want to.

Have a good night and great start into this new year!!!
 c ya all tomorow (promise, with a long (-er) post and lately next week I will show you many new outfits and moreover I plan to do a shooting and take lots of good fotos at nice locations of course with beautiful look...

So read my blog the next days and follow my posts and outfits and maybe it gives you some insperation (hopefully!!!) 
: ))