Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

Mondays part two

Hey guys ; ) )

As I promised here it it is my second post today.And as I have also announced before I want to show you the rest of my new clothes, that you have not seen yet which fills the first part of this post and in the second one I will give you guys some inspiration what to wear on NYE.

Maybe I will present you a few more ideas on the next day.
I hope you like my new things and my suggestions for tomorow can inspire you a little bit.

I really like the bag in light grey, it is so chic in my opion and I have lots of outfits where the colour fits perfectly!!! I also like the shoes, you have seen them on the first post today, on the second pic. The chain is also very beautiful, I love it and it was a snip!!!

The skirts are all very interesting and I especially do love the golden one, because I looked for one like that. It makes every outfit 'glitter and glam and gives it that 'special touch! 
The other ones are very cute, too and I have already put some outfits together where I combined them (you will see them on later outfit posts, promised!!!) to.

You might think that's all but don't worry I've bought a few things more!
For example a pretty pullover in black with some 'glitter' on it (yeah, you're right, at the moment I am fallen in love with everything that 'glitters', but you must admit it fits perfect to NYE ; ) ). 
Another new one is a very nice top in apricot and guess what, yes it has some glitter, too.
It is very beautiful with the romantic new skirt in the same colour (the left one on the picture).
Last but not least, I also got new pants in a colour which is very difficult to describe and I do not know how to call it, too (but you will see it soon, promised ; ) ).
 Unfortunatelly I do not have any good fotos of them new, but you will see them in my following looks : ) 

Now I wrote so much again, I am really sorry.
But I lromised it therefore here it is, the second part of the post, a suggestion for a look tomorow.
Short and quick and as I wrote that much before, I will describe it only with a few words:
A very cool dress in a royal blue, my favorite jacket at the moment (of course I could not miss it on NYE as I wore it every single christmas day ; ) ), the dark grey big chain, my favorite shoes this winter and you can't see it on the foto but I think I will combine a clutch to this look, maybe a black one with glitter (that I think I have to find tomorow...).
For me It's fantastatic for a new NYE with your
friends and maybe a little party ; ) 

So guys, now I must go to bed.
I am very tired and wanna be in a great mood the next day ; ) 
I hope you like my outfits and I would really looove to read some comments from you!!!
Wish you a good night and a good start into the next year!!!
sleep tight: ))

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