Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Montag, 30. Dezember 2013


Hey guys :)
Today it"s monday and we"re all in between the holidays..
Christmas is over and tomorow it"s New Year"s Eve.
So what can you do on such a day?
Yes, you"re right, do some shopping, of course, that" s always a great idea.
I must admit that I prefer the online shopping at the moment, because it"s way more easy and the chance to get what you want (and really ONLY what you want) is much bigger online!
But today I wanted to do some "activity so I want to the next bigger outlet center.
I really like outlets, because you can really get good clothes a lot cheaper than in the normal stores.
And now it"s also final sale, so really perfect!!!
Of course there were many people but I now exactly where I want to go and what I want to have therefore it was not that difficult with all the people.
I went to my two favorite shops there Vero Moda and Vila and as always I found lots of things that I loved.
But I always ask myself when I buy something if I really fits to my closet and to me and than after asking this you can easily decide what you want and buy and what you probably should leave at the stores.

Maybe I will show you all theclothes I bought today in another post but first I want to show you my shopping outfit.
The idea to that outfit came to my mind a few days ago and if I have an idea, I"ll always take a pictures of the clothes that I want to combine therefore I do not forget it.
So today I went through the gallery in my phone, saw that outfit and thought it was perfect for today.
On the pictures you can see some different versions of the outfit but I wore the low overknee boots today, because I "discovered them a few days ago in my shoe closet when I tidied up my things and because of the fact that I ALWAYS wear heels I thought it would be a nice change.

The outfit I wore today consists of the black lether looking shorts, a dark blouse with animal print, a khaki coloured jacket with a fake fur collar, a black scarf and not to forget the great overknees. 
On the outside I also wore a black coat and a khaki bag which fits good to the jacket.

Here"s the same look a bit different. I changed the warm overknees to new highheels which a bought today.
The colours are dark grey, khaki and black and I really liked them, because they" re not that "normal looking shoes and I have many outfits where I can wear them. 

The last one is the same outfit combined with my new coat and my new black lether gloves. 
I really loooove the coat, because it really fits to my style and many of my outfits and it looks that chic. Moreover it was a real bargain. So lucky that I have found it.
I also like that scarf more than the chain (which I wear on the other fotos) with this outfit. 
The shoes are my favorites at the moment.
I got them a few weeks ago and they are gorgoues, because the can be combined to every outfit and they also make every outfit more chic and  dressy and exclusive. 
They were expensive, but it was a good investment, because as I have mentioned before I were them very often.

So what do you guys think of my outfits and my new things?
I would really like to read some commets :))
To be on the save side I alreay wish you guys a nice evening, but I plan to make a second post this night with my new clothes and I suggestion what to wear on NYE ( I know it is a bit late but maybe you guys already have something like that in your closet). 
In my opinion sometimes you only need I knew view on your closet to combine the clothes in a new way and create different, new looks. 
Have a good night and hopefully you will read from me again later ;)))

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