Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

My wardrobe

Hey guys : )
First I am so sorry!!! I promised you a long post today, " cause I did not have that much time the last days and now it is again after eleven o"clock and I could not write earlier, I am really sorry.
Of course I also did not have any time for a shoot today (moreover my dear friend who wanted to shoot me is on vacation for the next days and it rains till midday :( ) therefore I write you a post about one thing I did today, because it has something to do with fashion und my clothes, exactly with my wardrobe.
When I woke up in the morning today I thought that first thing I had to do, was to go on tidying up my room, especially my wardrobe. I"ve been on it for days now always when I am out home, because you can"t turn around in my room, it"s that full off clothes! Therefore I went on deciding on what I want to keep in my closet and what should leave me and probably should be sold, because I do not wear it any longer (of course I do not sell everything I also give clothes to my friends, because they always want to be asked first and I donate my of my things, because I have a bad feeling if I sell everything and do"nt do "something good" and think about people who really need help!
To get back to the story I stood in front of my wardrobe and thought exactly about that question (for those you have not pay good attention or should not follow my thoughts, the question was which clothes I should keep and which ones should leave ?!? ).
And you must know that it"s soooo difficult for my to banish clothes out of my wardrobe.
But sorry I kind of lost track what I actually want to tell you with this story, is that when I stood in front of the wardrobe and looked at my clothes and found more and more pieces that I had already forgotten, it was like a little summary of my "fashion year but also of the other parts of my life, too, because always when I saw a blouse or a jeans or whatever I remembered when I had worn it and what happend on that day and all the things around like my mood it that time, etc.
That was really exciting and everything in this year came back to my mind for a short time.
Like many of you already did I thoungt about posting a summary about my last year, but one of my New Year"s resolutions is that I do not want to think about the past anymore but rather focus on the future and especially at the moment.
A new year is always a new chance and I am lucky to get one.
I really wanna spend time with the people I love, do the things I like and have many of those "special mnoments" where you forfet everything, just live and feel sooo happy and sooo alive!!!
Yeah, that is definitely one of my biggest und most important resolutions to enjoy" the moment"...
This attitude is also reflected in my "new wardrobe.
Normally I keep almost everything, but today I separated lots of pieces and when I looked into my all tidied up closet later I was really happy and not sad about the "loss".
That was I good feeling and I thought maybe sometimes life is like a wardrobe.
Please, do not get this wron,g I do not want to compare people with clothes!!!
 But sometimes your life feels like a "mess" and you should just go ahead and tidy up a little bit ; )
That means that you retain more time for people that you wanna spend time with annd things that you really love to do, even if it seems like that you have no time fot that at the moment.
Sometimes you just need to put some negative things behind and focus on what is good for you and makes you happy.
Of course, I know there are many responsibilities in life and you should not stop to follow your dreams and focus on your goals and try to reach them but do not forget sometimes to just "tidy up" and take some time for you and your important things and just live!

Now that I wrote a lot about life, the new year and the future in general, I should at least tell you at the end of the post what I wore today. ;)

I had so much to do today that I even forgot to take a picture of the outfit (and now one part of it is in the washing mashine :D) but I will at least describe you what a wore and show you a little pic which show a similar outfit (big big promise that by next week you will see new fotos!!!).

So descirbing  my outfit today. Yesterday I bought a light grey fake fur jacket that I looked for a very long time and of course it had to be a part of my look the folllowing day.. ; )
I combined the jacket with a light blue shorts, a grey t-shirt with a motive on it, black overknee boots, a silver statement chain and pearl earrings, my new grey bag and outside a black scarf and hand gloves extra.

 Here"s a pic of an outfit that is similar to the one that I wore today (the t-shirt and the shorts are the same)

So promise tomorow you will also get a foto of this look or at least fotos of the single pieces of it!
If you think about this look that I described before what is your comment ?
Would really like to read your onion/s.

At the end of this post I wanna give you a short sneak peek what my next post will be about (apart from the fotos, my new outfits/clothes, my wardrobe and my outfit today ;)).
I am sure all of you have already heard and read about the upcoming fashion trends in 2014.
Maybe you have already thought and talked about it with friends, too like I have.
I want to list some here that i wanna write about in the next post therefore you can maybe write me your opion about them before I post mine.

The first trend I wanna write about is the colour yellow.
I do like it and because of the fact that I have brown hair and normally do not have a real "light" skin, I have a few pieces in yellow and I am looking forward to combine them with new other pieces and buy new clothes in that colour, especially in the summer I love it for me.

The other two trends I wanna focus on are silver shoes and lucency.
But more about them and the first one tomorow.
I am sorry but I am that tired!!!

So have a good night guys and look forward to my following posts you can really look forward to!!!
Sleep tight and have a nice (rest of the) evening. :)

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Aleena hat gesagt…

happy new year xo


Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comment the same to you : ) )

Unknown hat gesagt…

your necklaces looks really cool. happy 2014!


Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you!!!
I like it very much, too.
It"s new but it"s already one of my favorites!
The ame to you!

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