Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

How to combine a cream blouse..

Hey guys : )
Here I am again this day and I thought it would be nice to start a series "How to combine..", where I give some inspiration how to combine one special piece that almost everyone has (a similiar one) in her closet!

The idea came this morning when I stood in front of the closet and did not know what to wear.
Normally I start every look with one piece that I want to wear and pick other pieces that fit to the it.
I did it just that way this morning with a blouse in cream a very light one and suddenly I had lots of  "solutions what I could combine with it.
Out of this I had the idea to create a special post once a week, where I write about this, present one piece that almost everyone has and give suggestions how to mix it and create a look.
I think something like this is very helpful, because I am the kind of person who does not really like to wear exactly the same look again. But you can not buy new clothes everyday therefore you need to mix them up and create new looks with the things that you have!

I hope it"s kind of an insperation for you and maybe gives you some nice idea how to create new outfits with the pieces that you already have in your closet and to get to now how to combine them.
Moreover you can maybe benefit from the tips if you need new ideas to combine a "trend" piece, a basic, or a classic one!
I will try that every piece that I choose to present is something that nearly everyone has in her closet!

So as I"ve already told you, today I have chosen the "cream blouse".
I am a big fan of blouses, because they look chic and you can combine them with almost everything it looks always good!

PIECE OF THE WEEK TO COMBINE: Cream blouse which is transparent and has black and silver elements on the shoulders (Vero Moda)

The first outfit is very cool with the black leather looking pants and the camel leather westcoat (which I 'refound' in my mother's closet and which is not easy to combine because of the special look).
The blouse is romantic and kind of sexy because of the transperancy and gives the outfit the feminin touch!

I combine with the cream blouse my black looking leather pants (VeroModa) and the camel leather westcoat (my mother's closet ; ) ). Camel shoes (old), my black 'big bag and my dark grey chain complete the look.

The second look is easy and comfortable with the blue jeans and the light fake fur westcoat.
Again the blouse brings the sexy and kind of romantic touch to the chic and easy look.

In this case I mix the blouse with a the westcoast (HundM) and the simple blue jeans (Only).
Nude pumps (Tamaris), a dark blue hand bag (H&M) and a pearl chain (gift from my grandma) make the look  complete.

The last and third outfit is very sexy and elegant and it's 100 percent me!
On the day I would wear a top under my blouse, but for the night I really like that transparency which is also a trend this year (I mentioned that before!) 

I wear 'Marlene pants (my mother's closet again),, black uncle boots and a dark grey chain and a black 

So guys hope you liked my idea and my outfitd and I hope that they can inspire you. 

Have a nice day guys and maybe when I have the time I will post my outfit of the day later! 

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Lookslikeperfect Blog hat gesagt…

tolle Looks! Den zweiten mag ich sehr(:

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Alena! : )

Unknown hat gesagt…

Great looks !!!;)


Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you! : ))

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