Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

I love pattern..

Hey guys : )
Today is sunday, the sun shines and after having an amazing breakfast (I feel like I can"t even move my body, my stomach is that full with all the delicious food, maybe it"s a good idea to write a post about food later, please tell me what you guys think about that idea?), I thought it would be a great idea to write a post.
This post do not have a special theme, I only want to show you guys my two outfits from the weekend.

This weekend I was in the mood to wear something chic and kind of romantic and you can see this on the two looks, I think.
The bad news is that I do have some troubles with my new camera therefore the second outfit is not shot in that good quality!
But anyway I wanted to share them with you, "cause they show another site of me and my style and I wanted to know what you guys think about it!

The first look is very cute and romantic with the grey skirt with the ... and the lovely flower patternd sweater.
I love the colours, and even if they are more "spring colours", I love them in the winter, too, "cause they bring some brightness to the dark winter and they fit perfect for a sunny sunday in my opinion.
Moreover they light up your personal mood (at least for me it works ; )).

I wear a flower patternd apricot sweater shirt (VeroMOda), a grey blouse (HundM) and a grey visocose skirt (Only). 
Black ancle boots and my dark statement chain complete the outfit!

That"s how I wore this outfit on the outsite.

I add a grey jacke (HundM), a fake fur scarf (mum) and my light grey bag to the look!

The second look is more glamorous with the glitter skirt and I would also wear it to a party when I change the pullover with a nice blazer or jacket over the blouse, very useful if you do not have much time to change clothes for party in the evening.

(As I have told you before, I have some troubles with my camera, therefore I could not show the "right" foto, this one shows the look with a black skirt, I will show you a picture of the other skirt I wore the last day soon, promise, moreover the quality is not that good, "cause it"s taken with my phone and I did not have a photographer! ; (  )

I wear a dusky pink glitter skirt with seqiuns (HundM, older), the dark grey blouse (HundM) and a pink oversized pullover (VeroModa).
A pink pearl chain (gift), black ancle boots and a grey fake fur scarf (gift) make my oufit complete.

So guys I hope you liked my looks and they could inspire you a little bit.
Please tell me what you do think about it and which style you like best for me, the "cool and chic one or this more romantic one? 
Wish you a nice last day of the weekend, enjoy it and thank you again for all your comments, views and "folllows"!

C "ya.. ; )

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Madame Daria hat gesagt…

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Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you for your lovely words!
I will have a look at your blog : )

VERONICA hat gesagt…

So nice style you have, i really like it! :) Hugs!

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you so much. : )

Unknown hat gesagt…

Great look sweety :))

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you so much!

Svetlana hat gesagt…

Sehr schönes Muster :)
Ach, ich will deine Beine haben :D

Also ihc finde Detox ganz oke. Man kann es ja auf verschieden Arten machen, ich hab mich für das 5 Tage vegane entschieden, was für mich schon ein Verzicht ist. Ich esse gerne Fleisch und Käse und das war dann schon schwierig. Und noch auf Kaffee verzichten war so was von hart, aber es zahlt sich aus. Ich sehe es besonders bei meiner Haut. Nach jedem Detox erlebt die einen echten Ausbruch, aber sie wird dann noch besser :)
Ansonste versuche ich jetzt mich "clean" zu ernähren, aber zum Detox mit den Rezepten kommt noch ein extra Post :)

Svetlana von Lavender Star

Unknown hat gesagt…

Very cute xx


Lookslikeperfect Blog hat gesagt…

wieder sehr hübsche Outfits(:

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Danke liebe Svetlana für die netten Worte. Und auch vielen vielen Dank für die ausfführliche Beantwortung meiner Frage bezüglich Detox!
Klingt sehr spannend, aber auch sehr schwierig, man muss sehr diszipliniert dafür sein. Du hast definintiv meinen Respekt dafür!

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Christina : )

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Danke liebe Alena für deinen lieben Kommentar : )

http://vickypinar.blogs.elle.es hat gesagt…

love the skirt!!!!!


Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Vicky

Suvarna Gold hat gesagt…

Great Blog! I love the style of it

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his little lady hat gesagt…

So fun! Loving all of these looks!! Gorgeous!
xo TJ


Fabrizia Spinelli hat gesagt…

That's really a lovely post dear, I enjoyed a lot!
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Manhattan Image and Style hat gesagt…

Great looks! I love the necklaces! ;)

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Hope Adela Pasztor hat gesagt…

You have beautiful legs, girl!


Jardin de la Mode hat gesagt…

THanks for your comment on my blog! Hope you did find a red coat! And prints are indeed amazing! X

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Suvarna, I will have a look at your profil and blog..

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you a lot his little lady for your lovely words.
And thank you fabrizia I will have a look at it!

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Diana, I do really love them too! ; )

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Hope Adela, for the compliment. : )
And thank you for your comment "Jardin de la mode"! ; )

Anne Stikvoort hat gesagt…

love the print!!

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Anne: : )

Sammie hat gesagt…

gorgeous outfit :)

Katta hat gesagt…

Wunderbar. Wirklich sehr schön, Liebes <3

Allerliebste Grüße,

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lovely outfit!

I love your skirt!


Fabrizia Spinelli hat gesagt…

That's so awesome, I like it!!!
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Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you sammie. : )
Und auch vielen lieben Dank an die Liebe Holykatta. ; )
And another thank you to you, Susana : )

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Fabrizia,yes I know, very nice idea.

Monica Lopez hat gesagt…

nice outfit!
new look on my blog!

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you, I will have a lok, love your blog! : )

Elfenmädchen hat gesagt…

Nice Outfit! Well done :)

Greetings from Blacky

.Visit the page, Every feedback is welcome :)

Mihaela Pojogu hat gesagt…

Lovely boots.
About women and not only Blog

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Danke Penny and Blacky, ihr habt euch einen wirklich tollen Blog, sehr schön!

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

And also a big thank s to Mihaela, you do also have a very nice blog!!!

Black Silhouette hat gesagt…

Der Rock ist toll! :-)

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