Favourites :)

Favourites :)

Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

Lovin skirts..

Hey guys : )
Today is friday and the weekend is coming and therefore I thought it would be a nice idea to give you guys some insperation for party looks (maybe you already have some plans for the weekend and are looking and thinking desperately what to wear! ; )).

For my a good party outfits contains at least three things.
It has to be kind of glamorous (for example with glitter, or other things like that) therefore you can see the diffrence bteween a dialy look and a paty outfit. For those who have a similiar style to mine (mostly chic and kind of elegant) it is sometimes hard to raise your dialy look, therefore people with that style who are already very chic can exaggerate a liitle bit in my opinion and can wear special and eye-catching looks very good, makes it more interesting.
So before I describe and write more, please have a look at the three diffenerent looks that I would wear for a party night! ; )

The first outfit is very chic and feminine and I love it, because it is that nice to wear and makes you feel soo good. And a love the combi of a royal blue and black. MOreover the transperance of the dress and the leather looking jacket are two of my favorite trends this year.

I wear a royal blue skaterdress (HundM) and a black leather looking jacket (HundM).
My black ancle boots and my dark statement chain complete this look.

The second look is more elegant and chic and a touch of sexy. Love this combination so much. Moreover I love the mix of the three colours red, black and grey, "cause they are great together in my opinion. 
And red makes every look "ready for the party, I think. ; )

 I wear a red blazer (HundM), a black skirt (HundM) and a grey flower patternd blouse (HundM).
Black heels (Tamaris) and the dark grey statement chain make the look complete.

The last outfit is maybe the most glamouros with the fake fur jacket and the black short dress and I really do love the red shoes with that zebra patternd jakcet, like it!

I wear a black dress (Only) and a fake fur jacket (HundM) and red heels (older) and a red bracelet with the dark chain make the look perfect ; )

So guys that"s all from me today. Please tell me what you think about the looks and again a big thank you for all the lovely comments in the last post!
Have a good night!
C "Ya.

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j a k s p a p e r hat gesagt…

très chic. xx

Manhattan Image and Style hat gesagt…

Beautiful!! I love the last outfit! :)

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Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you jak ; )

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Thank you Diana for the lovely words and your nice feedback.

Svetlana hat gesagt…

3 sehr sehr schöne Outfit :)
ich fine das blaue Kleid einfach traumhaft schön und es steht dir auch super gut :)

Svetlana von Lavender Star

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Danke Liebe Svetlana, ich freue mich immer von dir zu lesen und danke für das Feedback und die netten Worte, freue mich sehr! : )

Unknown hat gesagt…

Sehr schön:)

Black is beautiful hat gesagt…

Danke, Natalia.. : )

Shari hat gesagt…

sehr gerne! :) freut mich das dir mein Beitrag über rebekka gefääkt. dein erstes Outfit finde ich sehr schön!


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